Thursday, July 12, 2012

Body Beast

Body Beast Workout....Coming Soon! IS HERE!  Order Now!

Found my Transformation Story in the Nutrition Guide!
Body Beast is a program my super sexy hubby is crazy excited about, so I am going to let him tell you all about it!  

I am SO Pumped about Body Beast coming out soon!!!  I love my P90X, Insanity and RevAbs...but I have reached my goals with those programs.  I burned off 70 lbs, built muscle and am lean and ripped maintaining at 5% body fat for the past 6 months.  My goals now have been adjusted, and I'm really excited to be building some serious mass with the Body Beast program as soon as it is available!  I will be at the BeachBody Coach Summit in Vegas next month, and will find out more details there!  ***The Beachbody Summit was INCREDIBLE!  I also purchased my copy of BODY BEAST there!  And much to my surprise...My Transformation Pics and Story were featured on the back page of the nutrition guide!!!  The program is now available to the public and I will be starting a BEAST MODE Group up very soon!  If you want to be a part of it, and push yourself and this program to the limits for some AWESOME results Make me your free Beachbody Coach now and send me a message at to get into the group.

What You Will Be Eating On Body Beast!

What Is Included In Body Beast?

The Body Beast Supplements!

What Else Do I Need To Know About Body Beast?

Email me at to join the group, or comment at the bottom of this blog post!  We will be starting soon!!

Build Mass Get Huge
Currently still in development, BODY BEAST™ is the first Beachbody® program dedicated to maximum muscle gains and fat loss. Created by champion bodybuilder, Sagi Kalev, it uses a combination of old- and new-school bodybuilding techniques to build muscle without using expensive gym equipment or harmful steroids.  Click the image to the right, and join our Exclusive Body Beast Group on Facebook TODAY!  Get all the info and support so you are ready to turn on your BEAST MODE as soon as Body Beast is released.

**Make Nate your free Beachbody Coach now and get updates on the release dates and ordering information as soon as it is released!**  ORDER NOW!

When does Body Beast ReleaseBODY BEAST workout is an extreme program, specifically developed to bulk up your body AND your confidence. Check back here for more details and the upcoming BODY BEAST release date. Soon you can start building your body with the BODY BEAST workout, right at home.


Pack on the muscle with BODY BEAST.

Body Beast beachbody
BODY BEAST workout is one of the only all-encompassing body-building, nutrition and supplement systems on the market.

Get big, increase your confidence
level and just plain get healthy.

Beachbody's new BODY BEAST workout is designed to give you results. You don't have to be an athlete. Even if you've never worked out, we can help you get the body you want by using this systematic workout schedule together with a growth-inducing nutrition plan and specially formulated supplements.

Is BODY BEAST for you?

    get ripped with body beast
  • Are you ready to improve your health and muscle strength? 
  • Get big using one of the most natural systems possible. 
  • Are you looking for a complete body-building system that teaches you how to use a healthy eating plan and supplements, the way pros do?

BODY BEAST Trainer: Sagi Kalev

body beast release
Sagi Kalev, creator of BODY BEAST™, has been a bodybuilder since the age of 16. He credits a four-year tour of duty in the Israeli army with teaching him the discipline, focus, determination, and respect he brings to his bodybuilding training. Sagi Kalev takes you beyond bodybuilding.

Drawing on his education (a degree in physical education from the University of Central Florida with a minor in nutrition), Sagi has written a nutrition plan specifically for the BODY BEAST workout. And his many years of experience in training bodybuilding competitors serve as the foundation for the program itself.

order body beast
After graduating from college, Sagi pursued a fitness modeling and acting career. He has competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions and has won two "Mr. Israel" titles along with a number of others. He's also appeared on the cover of Men's Workout, Iron Man, and Muscle & Fitness magazines, and several other publications.

After many years of modeling and entering shows, in 2003 Sagi decided to change his focus to personal training and working with people of all age levels, to help them get healthy and in excellent physical condition.
The BODY BEAST workout approach, created by Sagi Kalev.

body beast workout order
In developing the BODY BEAST program, Sagi Kalev maintains the same philosophy he's carried through his fitness career: To not just be the biggest, but to be the best at what he does.

With BODY BEAST, it's about technique and building a strong foundation—not just lifting the heaviest weights you can. It's about changing how you feel about yourself by improving your self image. Let Sagi Kalev show you the way.

**Make Nate your free Beachbody Coach now and get updates on the release dates and ordering information as soon as it is released!**  ORDER NOW!

Body Beast Release Info

Body Beast Muscle gains

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  1. Great post! Do you have any resistance bands? That is what I used at first you just need a place to attach them. If you can get one of those door hanging pull up bars that is perfect.
    Also think of it this way…. if pull ups were the only move you could not do, you would still get amazing results.For more information click here. Thanks!